Meet Dexper, your digital event’s new best friend




A new digital event platform is transforming what's possible for companies looking to take their conferences, education programs and conventions online – and has already proved an enormous hit!

Dexper is the result of a pioneering collaboration between NOMOBO and the digital experts at Innopix. It builds on our extensive experience in livestreams, taking the best of both existing and custom-built platforms and packaging them into a single powerful solution.

Having originally been launched at HashiConf Digital EU in June 2020, this state-of-the-art platform is packed with features that elevate it above regular streaming options.


Dexper offers:

  • Compelling brand experiences, with custom design and branding options reflecting the look and feel of your organisation.
  • Advanced interactivity features that drive huge viewer engagement.
  • Processing capacity for at least 100,000 concurrent viewers through the serverless approach.

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Several large corporate organisations are already lining up Dexper for their next digital event.


With NOMOBO in tandem, it's the ultimate combination of production and platform in one seamless solution.

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